Six months holiday twice a year on full pay - Stay calm new fun clothing evolving here...
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The Society of Sons of Rest. What is it all about?

My Dad was quite a chap to say the least and whenever he would introduce himself to people and they asked what he did for a living he would smile and reply "i am the president of the society of sons of rest , we believe in 6 months holiday twice a year on full pay" everyone smiled, the ice was broken. Funny thing is he was serious. So in the spirit of all that and reborn into a surf culture we give you Sons of Rest. A mission to embrace your life as it should be lived and enhance your activity and spread the word. We will be on this journey and plan to deliver you some awesome apparel along the way. Our online store is right here and we will be adding new lines all the time... as we gain some momentum ( and money 😀 ) so thanks for stopping by, don't do too much, go for a surf and come back soon.
Jason de King
Dictator :)
The Society of Sons of Rest.